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The Slovenian Society
Burnaby British Columbia

The Vancouver Slovenian Society was founded on October 24, 1958. There are presently three hundred members from the Greater Vancouver area and the lower mainland.
The society's hall, which was purchased in March, 1972, was renovated and enlarged to accommodate 250 persons for concerts, plays, and other entertainment. Because attendance at performances has been increasing, larger facilities will soon be needed. The society also offers its members and visitors a number of sporting and cultural events such as hunting, bowling, chess tournaments, and folklore performances. A vocal ensemble has been organized as well as three bands Eurocos, which has been entertaining for twenty years, Alpine Melody, and Adria. Due to growing interest in gaining knowledge of the Slovenian language and culture, the society hopes to establish a Slovenian school in the near future.

The Slovenian Society
5762 Sprott Street
Burnaby, BC V5G 1T7
604 298 6922