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Coverage: Participating Member
Simon Gregorcic
Toronto Ontario

The Simon Gregorcic Association was named after one of Slovenia's great poets. It was founded in 1959 and virtually all of the original members came from the Primorje region of Slovenia near the Adriatic Sea. In the early years of the club's operation, only dances and other social gatherings were held.
In 1964 land was purchased north of Highway 9 east of Highway 400. A swimming pool, clubhouse, outdoor dance floor, bowling area, and other sports facilities were built. A statue of Simon Gregorcic, which was unveiled nine years ago, stands on the grounds. The club's activities include picnics, banquets, Gregorcic Day in June, masquerade dances, Santa Claus parties, a bowling tournament, basketball and baseball games, and lecture evenings. There are approximately 180 members at the present time, mostly immigrants from Slovensko Primorje, and membership is open to all Slovenians.