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Coverage: Participating Member
The Slovenian Hunters and Anglers Club
Alliston Ontario

The Slovenian Hunters and Anglers Club was founded in September 1971, by twenty five sportsmen who came to this country during the third phase of Slovenian immigration to Canada. Land was purchased for a recreational centre near Everett, eleven kilometres north east of Alliston and eighty kilometres north of Toronto. The facility, which was constructed mainly by members, includes a twenty room hunters' lodge, two halls accommodating three hundred people each, an olympic sized swimming pool, a large patio, a children's playground, bowling facilities, a soccer field, trap shooting facilities, and an area for trailers and campers. There are approximately one hundred adult members and they all contribute their time to the necessary service jobs and administrative duties that keep the club operating efficiently.
The club's main activities are chess toumaments, playing card tournaments, shooting competitions, hunting, fishing, picnics, Octoberfest, a hunters' banquet, a walkathon in aid of Dom Lipa Etobicoke, and publication of the magazine Slovenski Lovski Vestnik.