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Coverage: Participating Member
Lipa Park
St. Catharines Ontario

Lipa Park was established in 1967 as a Canadian centennial project. Its grounds are located near the rural community of Rockway at the southwest outskirts of St. Catharines. The centre opened with a small building sufficient to house the kitchen, bar, meeting room, and washrooms. Attached to the building was a covered outdoor dance pavilion, and picnic tables dotted the grounds. In 1971 the dance floor was enlarged and a year later a roof extension was added. In 1973 the kitchen and bar area was enlarged and a banquet room was added. Later additions included a children's playground, lighted bowling lanes, barbecue shelter, and numerous trees. In 1981 the banquet room was enlarged to accommodate 330 persons.
Since its opening Lipa Park operated a Slovenian school for eight years and supported an adult mixed choir for three years. A folk dance group consisting of children and teen agers has been active since 1975. The association has been a member of the St. Catharines Folk Arts Council for over nine years and participates in the Folk Arts Festival during the last two weeks of May. Lipa Park contributes a float to the festival parade, which includes its folk dancers, Miss Slovenian Lipa Park, and button box accordion players. The Lipa Park Slovenians look forward to further achievements in the Niagara region in the years to come. Their motto is "With good will, all things are possible".