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The Canadian Slovenian Cultural Society
Winnipeg Manitoba

The earliest Slovenian settlers in Winnipeg six men arrived in 1925. They formed the first unofficial Slovenian society in the area. After the Second World War there was an influx of immigrants and the Slovenian Club of Manitoba was soon established. The club obtained its charter in 1953.
The association was instrumental in establishing the Slovenian parish, Our Lady of Lourdes, which was consecrated in June, 1963. The church has since been the centre of all Slovenian activities in Winnipeg. The church hall is used for club meetings, Catholic Women's League meetings, folklore presentations, and other club or parish functions. Members take an active part in Folklorama, the annual festival of nations. Four folk dance groups, a Slovenian band, and a male quintet entertain at the Slovenian pavilion. In 1978 the Slovenian Club's Yolanda Jasnich was crowned Queen of Folklorama. Exchange programs with similar associations in western Canada are regularly arranged as well as visits of touring musical ensembles from Slovenia.
CSCS owns a farm about twenty kilometres outside of Winnipeg, where picnics, sports activities, and the annual Slovenian Day celebrations take place. The original Slovenian Club of Manitoba ceased to exist in 1996, and from it the CSCS was born.