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Coverage: Participating Member
The Bled Society
Beamsville Ontario

Drustvo Bled in Beamsville is Unit 13 of the Bled Mutual Benefit Society as well as the head office of the association. The present Unit 13 was formed in 1961 when the Burlington (Planica) and Hamilton (Planina) branches united. The local office used a variety of rented accommodations in the area for over fifteen years. In 1967 eight acres of land were acquired in Beamsville for society headquarters as well as for a social and recreation centre. The centre, which includes a swimming pool, picnic and barbecue areas, a bocce field, and children's playground, was opened in 1976. Membership is available to all Slovenians and the facility is operated year round. Drustvo Bled head office was transferred from Kirkland Lake, Ontario, to Beamsville in 1978.