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  and 9 EST on CHIN 100.7FM Toronto or online.
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- The Glasilo Archive covers issues published from 2004 to 2011.

Saturday, December 1: Slovenski Dom, Christmas Banquet
Sunday, December 2: Lipa Park, Miklavzevanje, Santa Claus Dinner
Sunday, December 2: Miklavzevanje - Browns Line
Saturday, December 8: Sportno Drustvo, Annual Banquet
Sunday, December 9: Triglav, Miklavzevanje with Lunch
Sunday, December 9: St Gregory, Miklavzevanje
Sunday, December 16: Sava, Children Christmas Party
Sunday, December 16: Bled, Bozicnica, Christmas Lunch
Sunday, December 16: Slovenski Park, Miklavzevanje
Tuesady, December 18: St. Joseph, Mass in the Church after Bozicnica
Sunday, December 23: Triglav, Social Luncheon with Mass at 4:00 pm
Wednesday, December 26: Folklorna Skupina Venec, Boxing Day
Monday, December 31: Sava, Silvestrovanje: New Years Eve Party
Monday, December 31: Triglav, Silvestrovanje: New Years Eve Party
Monday, December 31: Bled, Silvestrovanje: New Years Eve Party
Monday, December 31: Lipa Park, Silvestrovanje: New Years Eve
  Party, Walter Ostanek
Monday, December 31: Zupnija Brezmadezne, Silvestrovanje,
  Browns Line
Monday, December 31: St. Joseph, Silvestrovanje

- Canadian Slovenian Historical Society Newsletter: Winter 2011
- Canadian Slovenian Historical Society Newsletter: Fall 2011
- Canadian Slovenian Historical Society Newsletter: Summer 2011
- Canadian Slovenian Historical Society Newsletter: Spring 2011
- Cross Border Region Rural Landscape Valuation: F Marangon F Visintin
- Diverse Minorities in the Borderland: A Miklavcic
- Developmental Aspects of Slovene Rural and Border Regions: J Nared
- Slovenia at the Junction of Europe: Drago Perko
- Church State Relations in Slovenia in the Nineties: Sergej Flere
- A Short Reference Grammar of Standard Slovene: Marc Greenberg
- Karst in Slovenia: Nadja Hajna
- Popular Novels About Emigration in the Nineteenth Century: M Hladnik
- Regionalism in Slovene Rural Prose: M Hladnik
- Culture as Identity: The Case of 1821: K Kozak
- Representations of the Nation and the Other: Kramberger, Mihelj, Rotar
- The Folk Ballad in Slovenia: Zmaga Kumer
- Sociolinguistic Portrait of Slovenian Italy: J Magrinya i Domingo
- Land Use in Slovenia: Franci Petek
- Ethnic Transition in Cleveland 1920-2000: V Pavlakovic R Janson
- Changing Identities, Changing Nations, Changing Stories: Ulrike Meinhof
- Urbanization at the Start of the 21st Century: N Ravbar
- Migrations and Deportations During and After WWII: Bozo Repe
- Slovenia During the Second World War: Bozo Repe
- An Istrian Life Story Across the Border: B Thamassen
- Ethnic Structure of Slovenes in Neighboring Countries: J Zupancic
- Social Exclusion and Poverty in Slovenia: A Vidmar
- Regional and Structural Policies in Less Favored Areas: Stefan Bojnec
- The Real Estate Market on the Slovenian Coast 2005: Jaka Jakopic
- Subterranean Treatises in Ljubljana 1678-1773: Stanislas Juznic
- Slovenians Outside Slovenia 1500-1991: Matjaz Klemencic
- Folklore Studies and Ethnology Overview: M Koiva A Kuperjanov
- Cities of Tomorrow According to Regional Development Plans: S Kusar
- Media: The Business of Ethics, the Ethics of Business: G Lubej
- Competitiveness of Slovenia as a Tourist Destination: D Omerzel
- Socio Economic Differences Among Municipalities: J Rovan J Sambt
- Future Directions in Venetic Scholarship: C Bryant-Abraham
- Military History of the Slovenians: Janez Svajncer
- The Formation of Minorities in Italy: G Campani
- Gorizia Nova: Dept of Geographical and Historical Science U Trieste
- Karst Aquifer Hazard Assessment and Mapping: Natasa Ravbar
- Nationalism and Globalization: Milan Bufon
- Ambivalent Dealings with an Imperialistic Past: Boran Baskar
- Metaphor in Economic Discourse: Silvia Bratoz
- Atlant and National Consciousness: Urbanc, Fridl, Kladnik, Perko
- Hidden Minorities: E Staudinger, C Promitzer, KJ Hermanik
- Boundary Stories and the Development of Different Naratives: T Smith
- Directory of Slovenian Organizations Worldwide 2006
- Jugoslavs of Cleveland 1918: Eleanor Ledbetter
- Surnames and Identities: Tasso, Lucchetti, Pizzetti, Vidovic, Caravello
- The Slovenian-Croatian Border in Istria: Dusa Krnel-Umek
- From the Alps to the Adriatic: Chris Gibson
- Minorities, Regional Transformation and Integration: Milan Bufon
- An Ageing Population: Zega Cepar, Stephan Bojnec
- Italians in Slovenian Istria: Ksenija Sabec
- The Liberalization of Slovene Society in the Late Sixties: Bozo Repe
- Symbolic Bi-Lingualism: Albert Reiterer
- The Ethics of Business in Slovenia: Miroslav Glas
- The Shadow Economy in Slovenia: Bojan Nastav, Stefan Bojnec
- On the National in Music: Leon Stefanija
- Changing Interests and Identities: Jeremy Faro
- Land Administration: Examples From a Transition Country: Milan Brajnik - Modelling Property Transactions: M Ferlan, H Mattsson, R Sumrada
- Real Property Transaction Costs in Slovenia: Ilkka Mikkonen
- Racial Legislation, Propaganda and Measures during WW II: Bozo Repe
- Co-Existing Identities on the Italo-Slovene Frontier: Warwick Armstrong
- Making Slovene Citizens: Svetlovar Andreev
- National Identity within Transnational Spaces: Francois Avenas
- Northern Adriatic Ports: Igor Trupac
- Settling the Question of Trieste: Pat Skelly
- Slovene-Italian Relations 1880-1956: Koper-Capodistria, July 25th, 2000
- Dimensions of Violence: Mesko Umek Pagon Sotlar Dobovsek Lobnikar
- Slovenes in the Habsburg Armed Forces: Rod Stergar
- Reflections on the Violent Death of a Multi-Ethnic State: Robert Minnich
- The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia: Matjaz Klemencic
- Causes for Emigration in the Last Two Centuries: Marjan Drnovsek
- Slovene Settlements in the United States of America: Matjaz Klemencic
- Europe and the World: Matjaz Klemencic Danijel Grafenauer
- The Influence of Shopping Tourism: Bozo Repe
- Rural Development: Uros Korbar
- Vine and the Vine Growing in the Area of Kras: Irena Mrak Blaz Repe
- Drinking Water Supply from Karst Resources: Natasa Ravbar
- A Walk Through Veneto and Resia: Anja Lorenzetti
- Folk Art and Beekeeping: Andreja Kriz
- Lucid Daughter of the Mountains: Blaz Komac
- Odyssean Adventure of Missing Works of Art: Albert Kos
- Maksim Gaspari: Marjan Marinsek
- Cerknica Lake: Natasa Pavsek
- Alcohol Consumption and Indicators of Harm in Slovenia: Janja Sesok
- Slovenes in Canada: Cvetka Kocjancic
- Art Nouveau Styled Heritage: Darinka Kladnik
- Local Government in Slovenia: S. Canka, S. Vlaj, M. Klun
- Rural Tourism Development: Alenka Verbole
- Did IndoEuropean Languages Spread Before Farming? J Adams M Otten
- Younger Dryas and the Distribution of Nostratic Languages: J Adams
- Social Situation and Politics Towards the Elderly: Blaz Mesec
- The Local Self Government System in Slovenia: Miro Hacek
- Today’s Dwelling Culture: Igor Kalcic
- Banks and Breweries on S(c)ale: Nicole Lindstrom, Dora Piroska
- Are the Elderly in Slovenia Poor? Blaz Mesec
- Mushy Bread and Apples: Anne Urbancic
- The Real Estate Market in Slovenia: Anton Kozar
- Foreign Capital in Slovenia: Neven Borak, Zarko Lazarevic, Joze Princic
- Current Situation in the Free Territory of Trieste: US CIA; April 15, 1948
- The Crisis in Trieste and Venezia Giulia: US OSS; June 1, 1945
- The (Un)known Maks Fabiani: Darinka Kladnik
- When Jesus Threshed Wheat in Slovenia: Anne Urbancic
- International Community and the FRY/Belligerents: Matjaz Klemencic
- The Egyptian Sarcophagi of Vipava: Branko Soban
- And Again the Vines Bore Fruit: Polona Preseren
- The Capabilities of Slovenian Winemaking: Julij Nemanic
- Reformation Day: Albert Kos
- Slovenian National Symbols: Marko Pogacnik
- A Brief History of Slovenian Heraldry: David Cvet
- Veneti in Slovenia: Ivan Tomazic
- Laibach vs. The State (of Slovenia): Zlato Krec
- A Living Bond between Idrija and Uppsala: Branko Soban
- Going to America Because of a Hat: Vida Gorjup Posinkovic
- Student Exchange: Mila Bertolli
- This Language of Ours: Milan Vogel
- Back to the Roots: Manja Maksimovic
- Goldhorn’s Kingdom in the Julian Alps: Marjeta Kersic-Svetel
- Slovenia and Laibach: Randy McDonald
- Fraternal Benefit Societies and Slovene Immigrants: Matjaz Klemencic
- The Dynasty of Carantania: Josef Savli
- Interview with Donald Campbell: Gordon Ferfolja
- Uphill on Foot, Downhill Old Style: Ivan Merljak
- Laibach: Highlights: 1980-1989: Donald Campbell
- Vladimir Bartol: Far Ahead of His Time: Slovenia News Staff
- The Slovene Land in Songs and Words: Zmaga Kumer
- Slovenia's Archives: To Remind Everybody of Their Past: Alenka Puhar
- Our Mother Tongue: The Sticna Manuscript: Janizo Moders
- Ljubljana: An Art Nouveau Treasure: Branka Lapajne
- Slovenia's Many and Varied Wines: Jagoda Vigele
- Germanization: Matjaz Klemencic
- Slovene Superstitions and Customs at the New Year: Rado Radescek
- The First Day of Bow Season: Frank Brence
- Bozic: Anne Urbancic
- Remembering a Place: Richard Vuksinic
- Etruscans, Veneti and Slovenians: Joze Skulj
- Laibach in Toronto: Gordon Ferfolja
- Slovenian Immigration to Canada: Peter Urbanc and Eleanor Toutel
- Our Roots: The Veneti and Slovenes: J. S.

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